Tuam Home Survivors Network consists of survivors, family members and advocates who seek to inform and obtain a factual representation of this dark period in our recent history. We seek to encourage and enable survivors and those affected, to speak and record their experiences so that we can present a true, factual first-hand testimonial based account that is accessible to all.

“Survivors helping Survivors”

Our mission is to support survivors of Mother and Baby Homes by offering solidarity and friendship through a peer-supportive network to enable them to speak candidly of their experiences. Assisted by advocates, we work jointly to ensure that no survivor, regardless of length of stay or experience in such Institution is left behind – and that their place, central to the process of recognition, is guaranteed at all times.


04/01/2018 - The members of the Tuam Home Survivors Network have given careful consideration to the Report of the Expert Technical Group Report on Options and Appropriate Courses of Action available to Government at the site of the former Mother and Baby Home, Tuam, Co. Galway, published by Minister for Children and Youth Affairs Katherine Zappone, T.D. on December 12th 2017.

It is the view of the members of the Network that the only appropriate actions to be taken are, and always have been as follows:

  1. A complete excavation of the Tuam site to ensure the the recovery of all human remains contained there.
  2. The relocation to an appropriate and secure location of all human remains recoverable at the site.
  3. Recovery and relocation to be undertaken with all the expertise and resources necessary to preserve as far as possible, the individual identity of each set of remains.
  4. Post-mortems to be conducted in respect of each set of remains.
  5. The taking and cataloging of the DNA from all remains to create the most complete database possible.
  6. An invitation to be extended to all those who have reasonable grounds to believe that members of their family may be buried at the Tuam site to provide their DNA.
  7. That invitation to be published widely including the UK and North America.
  8. The immediate convening of an Inquest by Coroner for North Galway or the appointment by the Attorney General of another coroner to open such Inquest.
  9. That such Inquest be convened without further delay, to inquire into the cause of death of each child, recorded by the Registrar General as having died in the Tuam home, for whom no burial place heen recorded, notwithstanding that it may have to adjourn until such time as progress has been made with the exhumation and identification of remains.
  10. None of the above to be undertaken by any person or body without the clear and unambiguous authority presently provided by Irish law.

It is the unambiguous position of the members Network that the bare requirements of law, statutory, constitutional and human rights, nationally and internationally recognised, cannot be met in any other way.

It is the view of the members of the Network, that the only useful discussion which could take place must be confined to the urgent implementation of what has to be done.

If the Minister wishes to contest the view of the Network, we request that she provide a comprehensive written response.

Peter Mulryan,

Chairperson, Tuam Survivors Network.

21/02/2018 - We recognise that the Commission is restricted by the Commission of Investigaton Act 2004 and by the Terms of Reference set by the Oireachtas.

We are grateful that the Commission working  within those restraints interpreted its powers in a manner which led it to carry out a search of the Tuam site, which confirmed it as a mass grave.

If you would like to contact us, please feel free to email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Monthly Update on Issues relating to Mother and Baby Homes - May 2018

11/05/2018 - Campaign Starts to Invite Expressions of Interest for Collaborative Forum

The Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Katherine Zappone has today invited expressions of interest from former residents of Mother and Baby Homes and those with comparable experience in a County Home for membership of a Collaborative Forum. Family members of former residents and individuals providing related supports or advocacy are also eligible to apply for membership.

It is intended that majority membership will comprise of former residents of these institutions.

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Catherine Corless Receives a National People of the Year Awards 2017

16/04/2018 - Congratulations to Catherine Corless in receiving the People of the Year Awards 2017 on the 15th April 2018 at the Mansion House in Dublin. 

After being honoured at the ceremony, Catherine Corless called for a full exhumation of the remains of hundreds of babies on the site of the former Tuam mother and baby home.

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Monthly Update on Issues relating to Mother and Baby Homes - April 2018

12/04/2018 - Collaborative Forum for Former Residents of Mother and Baby Homes

Last month Minister Zappone announced the members of the Selection Panel tasked with overseeing the process of appointments to the Collaborative Forum for former residents of Mother and Baby Homes. The Panel has met on a number of occasions and is working towards finalising the application and selection process.

Further details will be announced through national media in the coming weeks so as to enable interested parties to submit an expression of interest in participating in this process.

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Monthly Update on Issues relating to Mother and Baby Homes - March 2018

12/03/2018 - Selection Panel

Minister Katherine Zappone has this week announced the members of a Selection Panel, to manage the appointment process to the Collaborative Forum for former residents of Mother and Baby Homes.

The members of the selection panel will work together to design a public information campaign and will select representative members from those persons who express an interest in participating in this process. The Collaborative Forum will consist of 20 members including the Forum Chair Mr. Gerry Kearney.

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Mother and Baby Documentary wins at Dublin International Film Festival

03/03/2018 - Tuam Home Survivors Network would like to congratulate Mia Mullarkey, Alice McDowell and all the team from Iska Films on winning the Best Irish Short Film for the documentary Mother and Baby also Mia Mullarkey for winning the Discovery Award at Dublin International Film Festival  Thanks to all who took part in the documentary and for courageously sharing their story.

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