08/08/2018 - The following is a copy of a letter sent to Mr Séamus Woulfe, Attorney General by Peter Mulryan dated 7th August 2018.


Mr Seamus Woulfe SC
Office of the Attorney General,
Merrion Street,
Dublin 2.


Dear Mr Woulfe,

Further to my recent letter.

Dr Val Costello as Coroner for North Galway continues to fail in his obligations to convene an Inquest into the mass grave at Tuam and the deaths of up to 800 infants.

Where he has so clearly failed, there is a clear obligation on you to appoint a Coroner to convene an Inquest into the Tuam deaths. It is not up to me to cite the legal argument or statutory basis under which that duty falls on you, it must be assumed that you as Attorney are reasonably aware of the law and of the significance of the Tuam mass grave.

I am a survivor of the Tuam hell. I am 74 years old I have suffered from cancer in recent years. The State first recorded my request for information on my family in 1963. My sister lies in the Tuam pit or was trafficked as a child. I am entitled to know insofar as science can determine, what happened to her. I have been constantly lied to and I have had enough guff from almost every official body in the State and have had enough of the Zappone circus.  Failing to get satisfaction in that way, I have learned how to find my way to the Four Courts.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Mulryan