07/07/2018 - The Report of the so-called "Consultative process" on the future of the Tuam site is worthless, a crudely designed mechanism to delay or prevent what clearly requires to be done.

This Report commissioned by Minister Zappone using Galway County Council as her agent, seeks to further the myth that the Minister and Government in general has the power to decide the future of the mass grave at Tuam.

The only person or body which has jurisdiction over the site of the Tuam mass grave is the Coroner for North Galway, Dr Val Costello. The fact that Dr Costello has to date failed in his obligation to convene an Inquest into the deaths of 796 children at the former Home, does not confer any powers on the Minister or Government to deal with the issue. 

Where the local Coroner either refuses or fails to act, the onus falls on the Attorney General, to appoint another Coroner pursuant to s24 of the Coroner's Act 1962.

The Minister's actions to date have done nothing but delay the inevitable, by claiming for herself, powers she does not have. She continues to subvert not merely the wishes of survivors and their families, but to brush aside the obligations of the State by a means of a local 'popular vote' on the future of the site.

To be clear, Tuam is a mass grave of almost 800 children. The only moral and legal way to deal with that reality is for an Inquest to be convened and a full excavation ordered, to allow as far as forensic science will permit, the causes of death in those children to be established. The Minister's actions to date have done nothing but distract from and obstruct that process.

21/02/2018 - We recognise that the Commission is restricted by the Commission of Investigaton Act 2004 and by the Terms of Reference set by the Oireachtas.

We are grateful that the Commission working  within those restraints interpreted its powers in a manner which led it to carry out a search of the Tuam site, which confirmed it as a mass grave.

04/01/2018 - The members of the Tuam Home Survivors Network have given careful consideration to the Report of the Expert Technical Group Report on Options and Appropriate Courses of Action available to Government at the site of the former Mother and Baby Home, Tuam, Co. Galway, published by Minister for Children and Youth Affairs Katherine Zappone, T.D. on December 12th 2017.

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Tuam Home Survivors Network consists of survivors, family members and advocates who seek to inform and obtain a factual representation of this dark period in our recent history. We seek to encourage and enable survivors and those affected, to speak and record their experiences so that we can present a true, factual first-hand testimonial based account that is accessible to all.

“Survivors helping Survivors”

Our mission is to support survivors of Mother and Baby Homes by offering solidarity and friendship through a peer-supportive network to enable them to speak candidly of their experiences. Assisted by advocates, we work jointly to ensure that no survivor, regardless of length of stay or experience in such Institution is left behind – and that their place, central to the process of recognition, is guaranteed at all times.